How it works

How can I search a specific slide type?

Click the "Filter" button and select the slide type you are interested in.

What types of slides are available?

15 slide types are available: Cover, Mission & Vision, Problem & Solution, Value proposition, Validation, Competition, Team, Milestones & Roadmap, Market, Go-to-market, Business model, Financials, Funding, Exit, Others.

How can I create a great pitch deck for my startup?

I have put together a massive playbook about how to create a startup pitch deck. Check it out here.

Why did you create this Pitch Deck directory?

When you create a pitch deck, you may struggle finding the right slide layout to express an idea or a message. This directory exists to solve that problem.

Is it free?

Yes, this is 100% free. You can also share your own deck. Just send me the PDF via the chat box and I'll add it to the directory!

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