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Introducing OpenDeck: 1,200+ startup slides sorted by category

Over the past 7 years, I have been many times in a position to (help) build pitch decks for early-stage startups. Because I suck at designing slides, I started to steal inspiration from famous pitch decks.

Posted by Stéphane Nasser | Oct 06, 2020

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How to assess an early-stage startup

This is my homemade methodology to assess early-stage startups. It's a simple but thorough checklist that prospective founders, investors, and employees can go through before committing their time or money.

Posted by Stéphane Nasser | Jul 06, 2020

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How to build a startup pitch deck

This playbook is my home-made, battle-tested process to prepare the structure, content, and design of a typical early-stage startup pitch deck. These 2 hours of prep work will save you 10x more time down the road, I promise.

Posted by Stéphane Nasser | Jun 03, 2020

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Pitch deck for startups - 8 templates compared

It's really hard to find a good template to build your startup pitch deck. Most of what you find online - both free and paid - sucks. Either the slides are ugly, or the deck is poorly structured, or both.

Posted by Stéphane Nasser | May 02, 2020