How it works

How can I add a new investor?

Just click the button "Add data" and enter information. Anybody is welcome to add data.

How can I update an existing investor?

Same as to add a new investor: just click the add button and fill in the form. This will create a duplicate entry, but fear not - we will manually merge both entries within 24 hours.

What are the requirements to be included in the Rolodex?

Anybody can add an entry, but we manually validate each addition. The Rolodex only includes private VC firms, CVC firms, family offices, public venture funds,  and angel clubs/syndicates. We do not accept incubators, accelerators, innovation labs, startup studios, or individual business angels. To be accepted, your fund must also have a dedicated website or at least a dedicated page on your corporate website (for CVC).

Why did you create the Venture Capital Rolodex ?

The Rolodex has been specifically designed to save time for entrepreneurs and investors, by ensuring that investment criteria are transparent for both sides. 

Is it free?

Yes, the Rolodex is 100% free. Anybody can add data. We actually need everybody's help, so don't hesitate to add data!